Effective June 1, 2021


Archived Revision 21-1, Effective March Quarterly Revision
Archived Revision 20-4, Effective December Quarterly Revision
Archived Revision 20-3, Effective September Quarterly Revision
Archived Revision 20-2, Effective June Quarterly Revision



The following sections were revised in Community Care Services Eligibility Handbook (CCSE):

Section Title Change
Service Authorizations;
Initial Eligibility Determination and Referral;
Service Initiation;
Referral Process;
Routine Referral for Primary Home Care;
Initial Referrals for Community Attendant Services;
Referral to the Provider
Corrects provider referral forms and adds related policy sections.
2680 Recertification Corrects provider referral forms and adds a related policy section. Removals requirement to send MEPD staff a copy of Form 2065-A on CAS denials.
4447 Reassessment Adds a related policy section.
Appendix IV
Appendix XIII
Workflow and Time Frames;
Content of Referral Packets
Corrects provider referral forms and hyperlinks.
Appendix XI Income and Resource Limits Incorporates policy from CCSE Broadcast, 2021 Federal Poverty Level, released on Feb. 5, 2021. Revises appendix and updates chart with new 2021 limits based on Federal Poverty Limits.