Effective December 1, 2020


Archived Revision 20-3, Effective September Quarterly Revision
Archived Revision 20-2, Effective June Quarterly Revision
Archived Revision 20-1, Effective March Quarterly Revision



The following sections were revised in Case Worker Community Care for Aged and Disabled Handbook:

Section Title Change
2342.2 Timely Referral to MEPD Updates section with additional MERP information.
2347 Texas Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP) Adds intro MERP Policy.
2347.1 (Deleted)
2347.2 (Deleted)
2347.3 (Deleted)
2347.3.1 (Deleted)
2347.4 (Deleted)
2347.5 (Deleted)
2347.6 (Deleted)
2347.7 (Deleted)
2347.8 (Deleted)
2347.9 (Deleted)
Introduction; Presentation of Information to Community Attendant Services Applicants; Determining Grandfathered Status; Determining the Application Date for MERP Grandfathered Status; Medicaid Estate Recovery Program Exemptions; MERP Claims and the Filing Process; Allowable Claim Deductions; Transfer of Assets; Documenting Executor Information in SAS for CAS Individuals; Additional MERP Information Removes sections from handbook. Moves relevant information to section 2347 and removes duplicate information.
6332.4 Responsibility for Responding to Questions Removes DADS email address in the CDS Contact Chart.
Appendix VII Casework Procedures Removes DADS in flow chart and outdated references to DADS. Updates wording and acronyms.
Appendix XXI (Reserved) Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP) Script and Cover Sheet Retires Appendix XXI and reserves for future use.
Forms Forms Retires forms 1575, 2061 and instructions due to MERP Project.



The following forms were revised in the Case Worker Community Care for Aged and Disabled Handbook:

Form Title Change
Form 1575 and Instructions Medicaid Estate Recovery Program Worksheet Retires Form 1575 and instructions.
Form 2060/Form 2060-S Needs Assessment Questionnaire and Task/Hour Guide Updates form functions.
Form 2061/Form 2061-S and Instructions Notification of Medicaid Estate Recovery Program Status in English Retires Form 2061 and instructions.