(Revised 04/1107/1204/16)

There is a $50 administrative fee payable to DARS DHHS and a $50 registration/proctoring fee payable to the Office of Court Administration (OCA), the entity proctoring the court interpreter written test.

Required Forms for DARS DHHS

The applicant must:

  • complete Form 3901-1, Court Interpreter Certification Application;
  • complete Form 3901-2, Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of Certified Court Interpreters;
  • attach:
    • a copy of a valid photo ID or driver's license;
    • a check, money order, or cashier's check payable to DARS DHHS for the designated administrative fee; and
    • documentation to verify eligibility, such as copies of:
      • a valid certificate card;
      • continuing education unit (CEU) certificates of attendance or transcripts for training (if applicable); and
      • certificates of completion of mentoring (if applicable); and
  • mail the form with the attachments to DARS DHHS.

Required Form for the Office of Court Administration

To apply to take the test:

  1. complete the registration form required by Office of Court Administration (OCA); and
  2. mail the registration form and registration fee directly to OCA, PO Box 12066, Austin, TX 78711-2066.

Processing Court Written Test Application

(Revised 07/1204/16)

Upon receipt of the application, a DARS DHHS staff member:

  • determines eligibility;
  • informs the applicant of acceptance or denial by email; and
  • notifies the testing contractor of the applicant's eligibility.

Upon receipt of an applicant's eligibility, the Office of Court Administration:

  1. schedules an appointment with the applicant and confirms the date, time, and location;
  2. proctors the test for the applicant; and
  3. grades and reports the results to the applicant approximately 30 days after the date that the test was administered.

Upon receiving the court written test results, the applicant must send the test results to DARS DHHS by email at bei@dars.state.tx.us or by fax to 512-407-3299.

Preparing for the Court Written Test

Information may be obtained from DARS DHHS or may be downloaded at Court Interpreter Written Test Overview.