In reviewing, investigating, or analyzing criminal conviction records, a DARS DHHS staff member may request information from the applicant or certificate holder regarding the convictions, circumstances relating to the convictions, and any information relating to the individual's circumstances since the convictions.

Applicants and certificate holders with criminal conviction records are required to report such conviction records to DARS DHHS at the time of application for testing or for certification, including at the time of five-year renewal or annual maintenance. Additionally, such individuals must report any criminal convictions to DARS DHHS in a timely manner whenever they occur.

Individuals must provide DARS DHHS with any requested information related to criminal convictions within 30 days of the date of the written request from DARS DHHS for that information. Failure to submit the information within the stated deadline may result in DARS DHHS denying an application or proposing disciplinary action against a certificate holder under 40 TAC Section 101.1211 or 40 TAC Section 109.227.