(Revised 04/11)

A certificate holder must notify the DARS DHHS office of name or address changes within 30 days of such changes. Notification of name or address changes may be emailed to bei@dars.state.tx.us or mailed to DARS DHHS, PO Box 12904, Austin, TX 78711. For a name change, also mail a copy of a document verifying the change. For example, you may use a

  • marriage certificate, or
  • court decree.

Failure to promptly submit address changes to the DARS DHHS office may delay receipt of important correspondence from the DARS DHHS office about certificate renewal or five-year recertification. When this happens, the certificate holder is subject to additional late fees and/or expiration of certification. State mail is not forwarded. If a certificate holder has moved, he or she must notify DARS DHHS of the address change.