Introduce notetakers using the following steps.

  1. Explain the architecture of the notetaker software (linear structure or Windows type).
  2. Provide instruction on the external features of the device including ports, jacks, and chargers.
  3. Provide instruction on changing speech parameters.
  4. Provide instruction on accessing and using the help menus.
  5. Provide instruction on file management including
    • creating, opening, and deleting files and folders; and
    • moving through a list of files and folders and renaming them.
  6. Provide instruction on reading in a file including
    • reading by word, sentence, and line; and
    • using spell mode.
  7. Provide instruction on writing functions including
    • entering and deleting text, and
    • using find and replace.
  8. Provide practice locating the cursor.
  9. For notetakers with refreshable braille display, provide instruction on locating the braille cursor.
  10. Provide practice reading a file using the braille display.
  11. Provide instruction on using the cursor routing keys.
  12. Provide instruction on how to navigate the device menus such as pull-down, file, and status menus.