Teach braille embossing using the following steps.

  1. Provide instruction on installing and getting oriented to the braille embosser.
  2. Provide practice loading paper into the embosser and choosing the single- or double-sided mode.
  3. Provide instruction on setting the top of the form.
  4. Provide instruction on operating the keypad or control panel on the embosser.
  5. Provide instruction on the uses of braille translation software.
  6. Provide practice translating a document into braille.
  7. Explore the pull-down menus.
  8. Provide instruction on editing a document before printing including
    • importing a document,
    • editing the text version, and
    • editing the braille version.
  9. Provide instruction on formatting and embossing a document including
    • formatting a document using codes and styles,
    • choosing uncontracted (Grade 1) or contracted (Grade 2) braille,
    • translating and embossing a braille document, and
    • using shortcuts to emboss documents.