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Effective Date: 




Updated 05/2017



Use this form to request Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) approval of training that addresses the needs of a target audience of interpreters.


Copies and Distribution

Two copies; the applicant or presenter:

  • retains one copy, and
  • sends one copy to DHHS CEU Program staff in Austin (see address below).



DHHS retains the copy for five years.


Detailed Instructions

DHHS must receive this form and attachments in DHHS at least 30 calendar days before the date of the training (for example, course, workshop, or seminar). DHHS will determine the number of hours of instruction and CEUs to be awarded before training is conducted.

Applicant must complete the form for:

  • each proposed training event, and
  • each time the training is presented.

DHHS will award CEUs only if all guidelines are followed.

After DHHS approval is received with a CEU ID number for a training, DHHS will use the same CEU ID number each time an application for approval of the same training is received. The CEU ID number will appear on the participant’s certificate.

For general and court interpreter training, attach:

  • course outline;
  • course narrative;
  • course handouts;
  • presenter’s résumé showing:
    • interpreting experience;
    • knowledge of sign languages, such as ASL, SEE, or other sign language systems;
    • workshops attended related to the interpreting field; and
    • academic or intensive language study, such as:
      • sign linguistics,
      • deaf cultural studies, and
      • ASL literature;
  • course description and study schedule (for self-study or video study); and
  • conference agenda (if applicable).

For court interpreter training, also attach a copy of the presenter’s:

  • court interpreter certificate,
  • lawyer’s license, or
  • paralegal’s license.

Mail the completed form and attachments to:

Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Attention: CEU Program
P.O. Box 12904
Austin, Texas 78711



ASL—American Sign Language

SEE—Signing Exact English


Special Instructions

DHHS will review this application to ensure that it meets the court interpreter certification training criteria found at Court Interpreter and Court Interpreter Mentor Training Course Options.