Logo Hierarchy

Vendors and outside groups may only use the HHS logo on materials and websites reviewed and approved by the HHSC or DSHS Office of Communications and actively monitored by HHS staff.

The logo hierarchy follows a monolithic brand principle. While the basic version of the logo is always used, the HHSC Office of Communications may produce a lockup or co-brand for agencies and high-ranking programs and initiatives.  

Logo Lockups for HHSC Programs

The HHSC Office of Communications must approve and produce HHSC logo lockups. DSHS programs should use only the DSHS version of the logo.

  • On HHSC materials, a logo lockup is only included if a reader would be hindered from getting information or services without knowing the specific program name.
  • In general, HHSC Office of Communications provides lockups only for well-established initiatives and high-ranking, chief-level programs.
  • When creating lockups, HHSC Office of Communications:
    • Identifies HHS name first.
    • Uses Myriad Pro Bold Condensed for the agency name.
    • Uses Myriad Pro Semibold Italic for the program name, omitting terms such as “program,” “office” or “services,” when possible.
    • Prepares horizontal, vertical, flush left and flush right formats, using the standard and vertical centered versions of the logo. Logo lockups consist of the HHS logo and HHSC program names.



Use the DSHS version of the logo on all DSHS materials. DSHS programs do not use program lockups.


Using the HHS logo with an approved program logo or the logo of an outside group is called co-branding. The HHSC or DSHS Office of Communications must approve co-branding.

Co-Branding with Approved Program Logos

Used on materials created by HHSC staff and the HHSC Office of Communications.

Note: When used by outside groups, approved HHS program logos stand alone. A third party promoting HHS programs should not use the HHS logo. The HHS logo policy can be found here.

Co-Branding with Outside Logos

  • Used for events co-sponsored by HHS and another entity.
  • Used with organizations that are partners or sponsors, either financially or in implementing the program.
  • Used for national-level programs and initiatives with a consistently recognized logo.
  • Approved by HHS Office of Communications.

The orientation of co-branded logos depends on where they appear and should place greater emphasis on the HHS logo. For example, use a co-brand with HHS on the left when the logos are left-aligned at the top of a document, and use a co-brand with HHS on the right when the logos are right-aligned at the bottom of a document.


Left-aligned designs
Right-aligned designs

Associated Logos

When a program is contractually obligated to credit another program or initiative, but the other entity is not directly involved in implementing the program or event, the co-brand format is incorrect. Instead, the other logo should be placed separately on an inside cover or in the body text with clear attribution and relationship to HHS (“supported by,” “funded by,” “sponsored by”). Use this format for event sponsors and committee members. Use external logos sparingly to connect materials to national observance days, weeks or months that have a specific color and artwork.