5000, Delivery of Transition Assistance Services

Revision 06-0; Effective May 22, 2006

The TAS provider agency must deliver the authorized service at least two days before the individual's nursing facility discharge date. The TAS completion date will be included in the TAS authorization form. Below is a summary of the TAS provider agency procedures.

The TAS provider agency must:

  • date stamp the TAS authorization and assessment forms upon receipt;
  • carefully review the forms and contact the case manager if there is any question regarding what TAS purchases it has been authorized to make. The TAS provider agency is authorized to purchase only the specific items or services identified on the form within the dollar amount authorized. Contact with the individual must occur by the next workday after receipt of the forms, and before any TAS purchase is made. The case manager will contact the individual, if necessary, to discuss the item in question. The case manager will provide a revised TAS authorization form only if new items/services are identified or if additional funds are needed;
  • purchase the authorized items/services and arrange and pay for the delivery of the purchased items, if applicable. The TAS provider agency must only purchase services or items within the dollar amount authorized by the case manager;
  • deliver or arrange delivery of the authorized services by the completion date recorded on the TAS authorization form. The TAS agency must provide a copy of the purchase receipts and any original product warranty information to the individual. The TAS provider agency must maintain the original purchase receipt that identifies the item purchased, purchase date, sales tax and delivery or installation charge, if any;
  • in the event of a delay in service delivery, verbally notify the case manager of a delivery delay before the completion due date. The TAS provider agency must document the delay as described in §62.33(d). The documentation must also include the name of the case manager and the date of the verbal notice;
  • contact the individual or individual's representative by the completion date to confirm the authorized services were delivered. The contact must be included in the service delivery documentation; and
  • document the service delivery on the date the services are delivered. The service delivery documentation must include all the required elements described in §62.41(c). In addition, the TAS agency must document the contact made with the individual to confirm the services were delivered. The TAS provider agency may document all services delivered on one document, if all services were provided on the same date.

The TAS provider agency may contact the individual or individual's representative, if necessary, to coordinate service delivery.

The case manager will contact the individual within three workdays of the nursing facility discharge date to ensure that the individual received all the TAS items and services authorized. If the individual did not receive all items and services within the required timeframe, the case manager will contact the TAS provider agency by telephone to determine the reason why the service delivery was not completed by the due date.