1000, TAS Overview

Revision 06-0; Effective May 22, 2006

TAS Purpose

Transition Assistance Services (TAS) assists Medicaid recipients who are nursing facility residents discharged from the facility to set up a household in the community. TAS is only available to nursing facility residents who are discharged from the facility into certain waiver programs. TAS is not available to residents moving from a nursing facility who are approved for any of the following waiver services:

  • Assisted living services
  • Adult foster care services
  • Support family services
  • 24-hour residential habilitation
  • Family surrogate services

All nursing facility residents who are being discharged into the community under some of the Medicaid waiver programs will be offered TAS by the case manager to establish a household. A nursing facility resident certified for waiver services may receive a one-time TAS authorization of up to $2,500, if the case manager determines that no other resources are available to pay for the basic services/items needed by the individual. Example: Expenses covered by TAS are security and utility deposits, moving expenses and essential furnishings necessary to establish a basic living arrangement.

TAS includes, but is not limited, to payment or purchase of:

  • security deposits required to lease an apartment or home, or to establish utility services for the home;
  • essential furnishings for the apartment or home, including table, chairs, window blinds, eating utensils and food preparation items;
  • moving expenses required to assist the individual to move into or occupy the home or apartment; and
  • services to ensure the health and safety of the individual in the apartment or home, such as pest eradication, allergen control or a one-time cleaning before occupancy.