C-940, Documentation

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

All Programs

Document in TIERS Data Collection and in Case Comments information to support all decisions about eligibility and allotment, whether at application, change, or redetermination. Documentation must be sufficient so that anyone can understand all computations and advisor decisions, including denials.

Always include the following:

  • mandatory verifications;
  • why information is questionable;
  • how questionable information is cleared;
  • why alternate methods are used rather than standard methods;
  • why one collateral contact was rejected in preference for another;
  • name, address, and/or telephone number for all collateral contacts; and
  • documentation in the Agency Use Only section of the application or redetermination forms or change report form for address changes regarding voter registration actions provided to the individual.

Document contacts between redeterminations that may affect eligibility or benefit amount. Note: Documentation requirements are listed at the end in the applicable section in the Texas Works Handbook.


Always document why another verification source such as a collateral contact or home visit was necessary (except when using a collateral contact to verify where the household lives or its size).

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C—941 Texas Works Documentation Guide

Revision 13-1; Effective January 1, 2013

All Programs

TIERS Data Collection pages handle the majority of required documentation for a case record. The documentation requirements not captured by these pages have been compiled into a comprehensive documentation guide, The Texas Works Documentation Guide.