B-660, Documentation Requirements

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

All Programs

According to B-631, Actions on Changes, advisors must document the:

  • reported change,
  • date the change occurred,
  • date the change was reported, and
  • date the verification is provided.

For new income changes, advisors document the date of the first payment.

For address changes, advisors document the actions taken to provide the individual with Form H0025, HHSC Application for Voter Registration, and Form H1350, Opportunity to Register to Vote.

Refer to A-1380, Documentation Requirements, for further requirements related to income.


Advisors must document:

  • the reason for shortening certification as a result of a change. See B-635, Shortening Certification Periods as a Result of a Change.
  • that the individual failed to provide required information to add a newborn when based on the TP 45 certification according to B-641.1, Adding Newborns to the Case.

Medical Programs

Clients are not required to report a change in tax status or tax relationship during the certification period because tax status and tax relationships are self-declared based on what the client expects to happen on their federal income taxes. If a change is reported, advisors should document the change in case comments and it will be addressed at the time of redetermination.

However, if multiple individuals self-declare to claiming the same person as a tax dependent, the advisor must clear the discrepancy with all individuals attempting to claim the same person as a tax dependent and update the tax statuses as a change in the eligibility system if necessary. For example, a change is reported that a child certified on Children’s Medicaid will no longer be claimed as a tax dependent. This change will be addressed at redetermination.

TP 08

Advisors must document the reason for denying a TP 08 EDG and opening a TP 07 EDG when new or increased income makes the household ineligible.

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