B-150, Avoiding Invalid Denials Related to Missing Information and Missed Appointments

Revision 23-4; Effective Oct. 1, 2023

All Programs

Ensure correspondence is sent to the person's current address. Update the person’s address if a new address is reported on an application form or if there is a pending change of address.

Deny an EDG for failure to furnish information only if:

  • the due date on Form H1020, Request for Information or Action, has expired;
  • the information was requested on Form H1020; and
  • there is confirmation that the requested information is not in the office such as the front desk, mail room, fax machine or imaged and available through the State Portal. Follow local procedures for locating submitted verifications.

Do not deny an EDG for missed appointment if:

  • the denial date falls before the final due date listed on Form H1020 for applications and timely redeterminations;
  • the agency failed to mail Form H1830-FA, Application/Review/Expiration/Appointment Notice, or Form H1020-MA-FA, Request for Information or Action-Missed Appointment-Flexible Appointment ; or
  • the person files another application after missing the initial appointment date on Form H1830-FA and before the date provided on Form H1020-MA-FA. Follow policy to determine if the new application should be considered a duplicate application. 

SNAP Denial Reminders (PDF)

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