B-1220, Specific Information That May Be Released

Revision 23-2; Effective April 1, 2023

All Programs

Staff must only give individual addresses or other case information to a person with written permission from the applicant to obtain the information. 

Note: If a general release is authorized, the advisor must provide the information that can be disclosed to the individual described in B-1210, Disclosure of Information, under All Programs.

The applicant authorizes the release of information by completing and signing: 

  • Form H1826, Case Information Release; or
  • a document containing all of the following information:
    • the applicant or individual's full name including middle initial and case number or full name including middle initial and either the date of birth or Social Security number; 
    • a description of the information to be released;
    • statement specifically authorizing HHSC to release the information;
    • the name of the person or agency to whom the information will be released;
    • purpose of the release;
    • an expiration event that is related to the individual, the purpose of the release, or an expiration date of the release;
    • statement about whether refusal to sign the release affects eligibility for or delivery of services;
    • a statement describing the applicant's or individual's right to revoke the authorization to release information;
    • the date the document is signed; and
    • the signature of the applicant or individual.

If the case information being released includes individually identifiable health information, the document must also inform the applicant or individual that the information released under the document may no longer be private and may be further released by the person receiving the information.

Note: Advisors must not include Form H1826 or other information release authorization documents in application packets.

Advisors must give information to government agencies conducting case audits, reviewing expenditure reports, or conducting financial reviews.

Advisors must give an applicant or individual's most recent address and place of employment to Parent Locator services in state or local offices.

Advisors must refer all requests from federal, state, or local law enforcement officials for case information to the local investigation division office.

Reasonable efforts must be made to limit the use, request, or disclosure of individually identifiable health information to the minimum necessary to determine eligibility and operate the program.

The disclosure of individual medical information from agency records must be limited to the minimum necessary to accomplish the requested disclosure. For example, if a person authorizes release of income verification, including disability income, related case medical information must not be released unless specifically authorized by the person.

TANF and Medical Programs

Advisors must release identifying information such as the name and address of the person's friends and relatives to funeral homes, police, or agencies trying to find friends or relatives of deceased people.

Advisors reply to inquiries and complaints about the status of a person’s case from public officials or interested citizens who are acting as an agent for and have the consent of the person. The case status includes whether an application was filed, action taken by HHSC and the reason for the agency's action.

Advisors provide only the specific information stated in a summons on an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 2039 to the IRS representative.

Advisors provide the following information only to the Armed Forces:

  • whether a person is receiving TANF; and
  • the amount of the TANF grant.

Advisors provide only the information in B-1230, Releasable Information for Medicaid Providers and Their Contractors, to Medicaid providers and their contractors. Note: Advisors must verify the contract with the Medicaid provider by obtaining:

  • the contract with the provider; or
  • a written document from the provider confirming the contract.


Advisors release the names and addresses of participating individuals to people or agencies directly connected with nutrition education.