A-950, Documentation Requirements

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

TANF and Medical Programs

Advisors must document:

  • information from the verification source to prove the children live in the home (for collateral contacts, include name and address and/or telephone number);
  • the reason for any temporary absence;
  • information from the verification source to prove the household member or payee returned to and lived in the home for at least 30 days when allowing another temporary absence period;
  • the living arrangement for unmarried minor parents;
  • if the caretaker/relative continues to provide care and control when a child is admitted voluntarily into a state hospital;
  • if a child was admitted into a state hospital voluntarily or via a court order; and
  • if a child was admitted into a general residential operations facility.

Note: For Medical Programs except TP 08 and TA 31, accept self-declaration as verification of domicile.

TANF, TP 08 and TA 31

Advisors must document the school name, obtained from the caretaker/payee during the interview, for each school-age child.


Advisors must document how the minor parent meets or does not meet the unmarried minor parent domicile requirement, according to policy in A-930, Requirement for Unmarried Minor Parents to Live with an Adult or in an Adult-Supervised Setting.

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