A-940, Verification Sources

A—941 Verification Sources

Revision 17-2; Effective April 1, 2017

TANF, TP 08 and TA 31

  • For a preschool-age child, advisors must:
    • observe the interaction between the child and caretaker/payee in either the home or the office;
    • obtain a statement from a non-relative landlord; or
    • obtain a statement from a non-relative neighbor.
  • For a school-age child, obtain from the individual the name of the school for each school-age child. If the individual does not know where the child attends school and cannot provide a reasonable explanation, consider domicile questionable. When domicile is questionable, contact the school to verify domicile. If domicile is not questionable, use any of the following sources to verify domicile:
    • contact school officials or use a current school record showing the same address as the caretaker;
    • obtain a statement from a non-relative landlord;
    • obtain a statement from a non-relative neighbor; or
    • follow the same observation procedures for a preschool-age child if it does not interfere with school attendance.
  • For individuals reported as released from juvenile placement by Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD)/Juvenile Probation Department, use the Juvenile Medicaid Tracker.

If a child is home schooled, obtain domicile verification from another collateral source. See A-1640, Verification Requirements.

Note: Use Form H1155, Request for Domicile Verification, to request written domicile verification from a non-relative. Use Form H1857, Landlord Verification, to obtain verification from a non-relative landlord.

Medical Programs except TP 08 and TA 31

Advisors may accept self-declaration as verification of domicile.

For a child placed into a general residential operations facility:

  • limited power of attorney to obtain health care and educational services; and
  • placement contract.

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