A-2580, Documentation Requirements

Revision 13-2; Effective April 1, 2013


Document the:

  • individual's statement of the hours worked and the pay received when determining the time limit tier;
  • reason for a hardship exemption (see A-2543, Hardship Exemptions); and
  • reason why a hardship exemption was denied.

If the individual is a mandatory Choices participant, document that Choices requirements and the consequences of noncooperation were explained.


Advisors must document that they informed the caretaker/second parent:

  • of the TANF-SP 60-month time limit at application, periodic review (if not previously informed) or when adding a new caretaker/second parent to the household; and
  • that federal time limit (FTL) months count toward the TANF-SP 60-month time limit.

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