A-2360, Documentation Requirements

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

All Programs

Documentation must be sufficient to support the advisor's decision for denying or terminating the EDG. Refer to C-940, Documentation, for requirements related to adverse action decisions.

If not obvious, advisors must document that:

  • adequate notice was allowed according to policy in A-2344.1, Form TF0001 Required (Adequate Notice); or
  • Form TF001, Notice of Case Action, was not required according to policy in A-2344.2, No Form TF0001 Required.

TANF and Medical Programs except Emergency Medicaid

Advisors must thoroughly document the reason for any special review and explain any information needed and the acceptable verification required to clear the review.


Advisors must document the:

  • reason for extending a certification period;
  • reason for modifying the designators or override tab; and
  • reason for setting a special review, thoroughly explaining why the special review was set, any information needed, and the acceptable verification required to clear the review.

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