A-190, Documentation Requirements

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

All Programs

Advisors must document the date and method by which advance notice of a home visit was provided and the date and time of the visit. An imaged copy of the appointment notice provided to the individual is sufficient.

Advisors must document why a certain file date was used to determine eligibility when:

  • the file date used differs from the received date on the application; or
  • the application has two received dates.

When a household requests additional programs after filing an application, advisors must document the requested program and the date of the request.

Advisors must document the rationale used to make a prudent person principle decision and any applicable handbook references.

Advisors must document that Form H0025, HHSC Application for Voter Registration, was given to the applicant, AR, or representative payee under the Agency Use Only section of the application.

Advisors must document on the application and on Form H1350, Opportunity to Register to Vote, in the Agency Use Only section the actions taken when an applicant or individual notifies the local office of the decision to decline the opportunity to register to vote after receipt of Form H0025.

Advisors must document information to support the eligibility decision in enough detail that others can understand all computations and advisor decisions explained in C940, Documentation.


All Programs except TP 33, TP 34, TP 35, TP 43, TP 44, TP 45 and TP 48

For all interviews, staff must document:

  • whether the individual met telephone interview criteria and a telephone interview was not done for TANF and SNAP;
  • how interpreter services were provided when the application indicates the individual requested these services, including when the advisor conducted the interview and acted as an interpreter.


Medical Programs

Advisors must document when a designated Texas Works advisor requests that a child born to a woman in prison be certified for TP 43.



Advisors must document the specific reason for designating an AR.

When the grandparent requests to be the AR, the following information must be documented:

  • information the grandparent gives to support the claim that the parent is not using the TANF benefit for the child's needs;
  • information obtained from collateral contacts and/or documents; and
  • decision whether or not to designate the grandparent as the AR and protective payee.



The following information must be documented:

  • the name and address of the AR;
  • that no one else is available, if a person disqualified for IPV or a nonmember living with the household is appointed as AR;
  • the tax-exempt status [Section 501(c)(3)] for public or private homeless shelters, if applicable;
  • expedited service eligibility by marking the appropriate box on Form H1010 and explain if eligibility is questionable;
  • the decision on the length of certification and reporting requirements for expedited service EDG;
  • whether a migrant is in or out of the workforce;
  • the reason for entering a late determination date; and
  • the reason why an appointment for an expedited applicant is not scheduled for an interview within the expedited time frame.

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