A-1730, Advisor Action

Revision 13-4; Effective October 1, 2013

All Programs except TP 40 and Children's Medicaid

Step If ... then...
1. management is questionable at initial application, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/Medical Programs (TANF/MP) complete redetermination, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) redetermination,
  • verify whether the household's basic billed expenses are paid or delinquent, and
  • go to Step 2.
  a recent change causes questionable management,
  • TANF/MP – Set a special review.
  • SNAP (SR) – Take no action.
  • NPA-SNAP (Non-SR) – Shorten the certification period as specified in B-635.
2. verification shows basic billed expenses are paid,
  • go to Step 3.
  verification shows basic billed expenses are past due,
  • see A-1731.
  the household does not return verification,
  • TANF/MP – Deny the household.
  • SNAP – Deny the household.
3. management is negative for three months or more,
  • explore management as described in A-1720. Verify how the household made the payment (vendor payments, in-kind, cash contributions, or unreported income).
  If management is negative and the household provides proof that the household paid billed expenses with non-recurring assistance,
  • consider management questionable and follow policy in A-1731.
  If management is negative and the household fails to provide available verification of the income or resources used to meet their expenses,
  • TANF/MP – Deny the household at application, complete, or incomplete redetermination.
  • SNAP – Deny the household only at application or redetermination.
  management is negative for less than three months,

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A–1731 Monitoring Questionable Management

Revision 03-3; Effective April 1, 2003

TANF and Medical Programs except TP 40, TP 43, TP 44, TP 46, TP 47 and TP 48

Set special reviews to monitor cases with questionable management.


Do not set a special review due to questionable management for streamlined reporting (SR) households. Set a six-month certification period for SR households.

Set the appropriate certification length for non-streamlined reporting households. See A-2324, Length of Certification.