A-1720, How to Evaluate Management

Revision 22-4; Effective Oct. 1, 2022


Explore past, present, and future management. Before the interview, review the previous Form H1010, Texas Works Application for Assistance — Your Texas Benefits, Form H1010-R, Your Texas Works Benefits: Renewal Form and case comments. Decide if the information given in the past is consistent with the current situation.

Review the EDG and determine if the household's reported net income meets its basic expenses. Examples of basic expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • food;
  • transportation;
  • shelter;
  • utilities; and
  • recurring expenses such as:
    • credit card payments;
    • loans;
    • insurance;
    • clothing; and
    • disposable diapers.

Review Data Broker reports and other on-line verification sources to identify any unreported household income, resources and expenses. Example: Credit reports may show regular payments that cause monthly expenses to exceed reported income. 

If net income and resources do not cover paid expenses, ask the household if anyone has or receives income from:

  • tips;
  • commissions;
  • overtime;
  • bonuses; or
  • part-time employment such as:
    • paper routes;
    • food delivery;
    • ride-sharing;
    • street vending;
    • babysitting;
    • sewing;
    • laundry;
    • lawn and garden work;
    • carpentry; and
    • seasonal labor.

Explore whether the household pays expenses by:

  • borrowing from friends or relatives;
  • receiving cash contributions or gifts;
  • using checking or savings accounts; or
  • receiving assistance from another source that pays expenses directly to the vendor, such as:

If the applicant intends to repay a loan, explore how the applicant will pay it back.

If the household reports temporary loans, gifts or vendor payments, set a special review to check management based on the estimated temporary payment end date.

Exception: Do not set a special review for management for streamlined reporting households.

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