A-1710, General Policy

Revision 13-2; Effective April 1, 2013

All Programs except TP 40 and Children's Medicaid

A thorough discussion of how a household meets expenses lets you check the accuracy of information the household provides. You must explore management at each application and redetermination. Also check management when a change affects how the household meets its expenses.

Ask two questions to examine management:

  • How long has the household managed this way?
  • Are the household's reported net income and resources enough to pay their expenses?

Require additional explanation and verification when management is questionable or negative.

Questionable Management — A household has questionable management when its billed basic expenses exceed reported net income and resources.

Negative Management — A household has negative management when its paid basic expenses exceed reported net income and resources plus support the Health and Human Services Commission excludes such as vendor payments.