A-1450, Documentation Requirements

Revision 20-2; Effective April 1, 2020

All Programs except TP 45

Documentation is required for the following:

  • the type of deduction allowed;
  • the person for whom a deduction is allowed and how the person qualifies;
  • the source or provider to whom a deduction expense is paid (name, address, or phone number);
  • date and amounts paid; and
  • calculations used to determine monthly amounts.


Documentation is required for the following:

  • the reason a household qualified for a dependent care deduction when it is questionable or not obvious; and
  • justification for not allowing earned income deductions.


Document the relationship of the child care provider to the child.


Documentation is required for the following:

  • if the person chose the Standard Medical Expense (SME) when the person's expenses exceed the SME; and
  • an explanation of standard deductions —
    • document why the household did not qualify for a utility deduction; or
    • why one of the utility standards (standard utility allowance, basic utility allowance, phone standard) was budgeted.

Exception: Utility service providers’ names and addresses are not required documentation.

Medical Programs except TP 45

Document the date the person’s divorce or separation agreement was executed or modified for alimony paid.