Appendix XV-C, Texas Veterans Commission (TVC)


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Service Title Service Description Client Group
Medical Care Hospitalization and outpatient care, including in-home skilled care; durable medical equipment, oxygen and oxygen equipment; prescriptions; and medical treatment in the veteran's community if the nearest VA hospital is too far from the veteran and his physician requests treatment. Elderly or disabled veterans.
Benefits for Service-Connected Disabilities Compensation ranging from $112 to $2,393 per month is payable to a veteran for service-connected disabilities rated from 10% to 100%, with additional amount for dependents when the veteran is rated 30% or more. Disabled veterans.
Benefits to Survivors of Service-Connected Veterans Compensation for death of a veteran due to service-connected disability or active duty death. Veterans' survivors.
Educational Benefits to Survivors of Service-Connected Veterans Education payments to spouses and/or children of living or deceased service-connected veterans. Surviving spouses and children.
Benefits for Non-Service-Connected Disabilities Pension up to $10,579 per year, if single, or $13,855 per year, if married. Additional for children. Disabled veteran or veteran who is 65 years or older.
Housebound An allowance paid to those who, because of their physical limitations, are unable to walk or travel beyond their homes and are reasonably certain the disabilities or confinement will continue throughout their lifetimes. Disabled veterans, wives or surviving spouses.
Aid-and-Attendance Compensation benefit for those who are determined to be in need of regular aid-and-attendance by another person to perform basic functions of everyday life. Disabled veterans, wives or surviving spouses.
Cash Benefits for Veterans, Widows/Widowers Pension up to $7,094 for widows, plus additional amounts for children, Aid-and-Attendance or Housebound. Widows with or without children.
Cash Benefits to Children (No Surviving Spouse) of Deceased Veterans Pension up to $1,806 for surviving children. Children of deceased veterans.
Texas Veterans Home Improvement Program Low-interest loan of up to $25,000 to repair or improve single-family residence or 2-4 family residence (such as duplex, triplex or fourplex) if the property was built at least five years before the closing date of the home improvement loan. Veterans who were legal residents of Texas at the time of entry into federal military service and are Texas residents at the time of application. Also, a veteran must have served 90 days or more at any time since September 16, 1940, unless discharged sooner because of service-connected disabilities, and must not have been dishonorably discharged from military service.
Texas Veterans Housing Assistance Program Low-interest loans up to $240,000 to buy or build a home. Veterans who plan to live in the home for at least three years, and who meet criteria listed above for the home improvement loan. Loan application is made with a participating lender.
Texas Veterans Land Program Loan of up to $20,000 to buy property of at least one or more acres. Same criteria as for the Texas Veterans Home Improvement Program.
Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Life insurance coverage. Widows and/or children of deceased veterans.
CHAMPUS Medical benefit. Military retirees and their dependents.
CHAMPVA Medical benefits. Dependents of a veteran rated 100% for service-connected disabilities.
Other State Benefits Reduced Property Taxes — Minimum 10% service-connected disability rating or up to $12,000 property tax exemption, depending on the veteran's service-connected disability rating.

Reduced-Cost License Plates — Minimum 50% service-connected disability rating.

Free Driver's License — Minimum 60% service-connected disability rating.

Free State Park Admission — Minimum 60% service-connected disability rating.

Reduced Cost Hunting and Fishing License — Minimum 60% service-connected disability rating.

Education Benefits — The state currently offers the Texas Hazlewood Act, which is a tuition waiver available to veterans who were residents of Texas upon enlistment into service, served at least 181 days active duty and are current Texas residents for tuition purposes. Dependents are only eligible for this benefit if the veteran parent was killed in service or died from a service-connected condition.

Veterans and dependents. Disabled veterans and/or widows.

Note: Dollar amounts subject to COLA changes each year.

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