23-1, Adds Sections in 1100

Revision Notice 23-1; Effective March 1, 2023

The following change(s) were made:

1132Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) SettingsAdds new section.
1132.1Services and Settings Subject to HCBS Settings Rules RequirementsAdds new section.
1132.2Requirements for HCBS SettingsAdds new section.
1133Access to the CommunityAdds new section.
1134EmploymentAdds new section.
1134.1ALF and AFC SettingsAdds new section.
1135Setting ChoiceAdds new section.
1136Privacy, Dignity and Respect, and Freedom from Coercion and RestraintAdds new section.
1137Initiative, Autonomy and IndependenceAdds new section.
1138Choice Regarding Services and Supports, and Who Provides ThemAdds new section.
1139Requirements for ALF and AFC ProvidersAdds new section.
1139.1Residential AgreementAdds new section.
1139.2Door LocksAdds new section.
1139.3Choice of Room and RoommateAdds new section.
1139.4Room Furnishings and DecorationsAdds new section.
1139.5Control of Daily Schedule and Access to FoodAdds new section.
1139.6VisitationAdds new section.
1139.7Physical AccessibilityAdds new section.
1139.8Modifications to HCBS Settings Rule RequirementsAdds new section.