1.6.4 Additional Requirements


The following requirements apply to contract service providers who have staff and/or who operate a facility.


Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Each provider must have adequate and appropriate written policies and procedures to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.


Insurance Coverage

Each provider who operates from a permanent location (with the exception of state agencies which are self-insured) must have liability insurance coverage that protects DBS consumers, employees, and visitors.

Each provider who pays wages to a DBS consumer for work performed must be in compliance with current Workers' Compensation law.


Wage Exemption Certificate

When wages paid to a DBS consumer for work performed are less than the statutory minimum, the provider must have a Wage Exemption Certificate (WH-228) from the U.S. Department of Labor.


Documenting Staff Qualifications

Each provider must have appropriate documentation on file for all personnel (including the provider's director) who provide services directly to DBS consumers.

At a minimum, required documentation for each individual must include:

  • a current, fully-completed DARS2871 Contract Service Provider Staff Information Sheet
  • supporting evidence of qualifications and experience including
    • professional credentials,
    • copies of college transcripts or diplomas, and
    • documentation relating to specialized training or certifications.


Documenting Staff Changes

Before providing services to DBS consumers, each provider must complete and submit a DARS2871, Contract Service Provider Staff Information Sheet to CPCSC when

  • the provider hires a new employee who will provide contract services to DBS consumers, or
  • there is a significant change in contract-related job duties for a provider's employee or within a provider's facility.

If a provider's employee who provided contract services to DBS consumers terminates employment, the provider must

  • notify the CPCSC manager no later than the employee's last day, and
  • ensure that the provider's new employee meets DBS criteria before he or she provides services to DBS consumers.

CPCSC forwards any staff change requests to the RPSS for approval. CPCSC retains copies of all requests in the DBS contract files. The RPSS informs CPCSC of provider staff changes as they occur.


Affirmative Action

Each provider must demonstrate affirmative action to employ, and advance in employment, qualified individuals with disabilities.


Posting the DBS Toll-Free Number

Facility-based providers must post the DBS toll-free number (800-628-5115) in an easily-accessible location within their facility.

The phone number must be posted in both large print and Braille. The posting must clearly indicate that the number may be used by consumers to reach DBS staff during normal operating hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except holidays).


Suspension from Training

If a consumer is suspended from training, the provider must notify the consumer's counselor or case manager within 24 hours. The counselor or case manager will make the final decision about terminating the consumer's participation in training.

Valid reasons for suspending a consumer from training include:

  • behavior that may be dangerous to self or others,
  • a serious infraction of the provider's rules,
  • frequent unexcused absenteeism,
  • frequent unexcused tardiness, or
  • lack of cooperation on assigned tasks.