1.6.3 Requirements for All Providers


The following requirements apply to all contract service providers.


Liability for Taxes

Each provider is responsible for paying applicable state and federal taxes in a timely manner. The provider may also be liable for self-employment (Social Security) taxes.


Auditing Requirement and Receipt of Funds

By entering into a contract with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services-Division for Blind Services, each provider agrees that acceptance of funds under the contract acts as acceptance of the authority of the State Auditor's Office, or any successor agency, to conduct an audit or investigation in connection with those funds. Each provider further agrees to cooperate fully with the State Auditor's Office or its successor in the conduct of the audit or investigation, including providing all records requested. Each provider further agrees to ensure that this clause concerning the authority to audit funds received indirectly by subcontractors through the provider and the requirement to cooperate is included in any subcontract it awards.


Financial Records and Related Documentation

The provider must make any documents, papers, and records that are directly pertinent to the services being provided available to the DBS monitoring team and/or other authorized representatives.



Upon request from the consumer, the contractor must provide the consumer with the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) where the consumer can file a complaint.


Communication Needs

Each provider shall coordinate with the consumer's counselor or case manager to ensure that all verbal and written communications between the provider and the consumer are conducted in the consumer's native language.

If interpreter services are needed, the provider is responsible for scheduling the needed services in a timely manner through the consumer's local DBS office.

All training materials must be available in a media that is appropriate to meet the individual needs of each consumer including but not limited to: regular print, large print, Braille, cassette tape, and speech diskette.


Transporting DBS Consumers

In general, transporting of consumers is discouraged and is not required while performing any Standards Manual service.


Auto Liability Insurance

Each provider who transports DBS consumers in a motorized vehicle must show, upon request, evidence of adequate auto liability insurance coverage as required by Texas state law.


Allegations or Incidents of Abuse, Exploitation, or Neglect

Texas law requires that allegations or incidents of abuse, exploitation, or neglect of persons with disabilities must be immediately reported to the local law enforcement agency. If a licensed professional is involved, the report must also be made to the appropriate professional licensure agency.

Facility-based providers must develop and maintain policies and procedures regarding the recognition and appropriate reporting of such allegations or incidents.

All contract service providers are required to

  • report allegations or incidents of abuse, exploitation, or neglect of persons with disabilities in accordance with state law;
  • notify appropriate DBS staff (that is, the counselor and regional program support specialist) within one working day if a DBS consumer is involved in any allegation or incident of abuse, exploitation, or neglect;
  • cooperate with any investigation of alleged abuse, exploitation, or neglect that is conducted or requested by DBS; and
  • report to the appropriate professional licensing agency if the allegation involves a licensed professional.