Standards Manual for Consumer Services Contract Providers



The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts converted all Texas Identification Numbers (TIN) that were based on a Social Security Number (SSN) to a new and more secure format. This change will affect sole proprietorship business owners and other individuals who had TINs based on a SSN rather than an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Others will not be affected by this conversion. If your TIN begins with a "2" followed by an individual's SSN, the Comptroller's office has converted it to a new TIN consisting of a randomly assigned number that begins with a "7." Vendors must have the correct TIN on their invoices to remain in compliance with DARS performance standards.

Vendors can find their "7" TIN by using the Texas Comptroller's online application, which will continue to utilize the provider's EIN or SSN for searches and the "Confirm Texas Identification Number" screen will provide the "7" TIN. For more information visit the frequently asked questions on the CPA's website or contact DARS accounting at 866-440-0423, option 3.