8000, Performance and Conduct Management

Revision 17-1; Effective May 5, 2017

Refer to Chapter 10 of the Human Services Manual, Performance and Conduct Management, for more information about management evaluation reviews.

8100 Security Reviews

Revision 17-1; Effective May 5, 2017

The Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) regional coordinator or RD's designee must:

  • conduct an on-site security review on each local/benefit office at least once every three years, with the due date being no later than the last workday of the month in the 36th month; and
  • conduct a follow-up security review (through either a desk review or on-site review) of local/benefit offices with corrective action plans to ensure compliance with security and accountability operations.

The RD may increase the frequency of security reviews as deemed necessary. Also, the RD may direct a security review before an employee vacates the position of EBT site coordinator so that deficiencies may be corrected before the newly assigned EBT site coordinator becomes responsible for the security and accountability operations in the local/benefit office.

The EBT regional coordinator or RD's designee uses the instrument for on-site security reviews in Appendix II, On-Site Security Review. The areas of concern listed on the instrument are the minimum requirements for the on-site security review. However, regional management may include other areas of concern.