4500, Missing or Stolen Lone Star Cards

Revision 17-1; Effective May 5, 2017

If local/benefit office EBT staff find that a vault Lone Star card is missing during the accounting process, the EBT site coordinator must immediately notify the EBT regional coordinator.

The EBT regional coordinator reports any discrepancy, including any problem with the quality of the Lone Star cards, to EBT Program Operations via email.

If it is determined that Lone Star cards were stolen, follow these procedures:

  • the EBT site coordinator must immediately notify the EBT regional coordinator of any missing or stolen inactive Lone Star card that was accounted for upon receipt and stored; and
  • the EBT regional coordinator reports the loss immediately to EBT Program Operations by telephone or email.

Within 24 hours after the initial report, the EBT regional coordinator sends a follow-up memorandum to EBT Program Operations describing the incident and steps taken to prevent future occurrences. Send copies of the memo to appropriate regional management staff and, if deemed necessary, to the field investigations unit supervisor.

If the region later finds the missing or stolen Lone Star card, the EBT regional coordinator notifies appropriate regional and state office staff by memorandum.

If EBT Program Operations finds that a card has been used, EBT Program Operations deactivates the card and notifies the EBT regional coordinator, the Inspector General (IG) and Eligibility Services – Field staff.

The EBT regional coordinator explores the validity of a case record associated with the used Lone Star card. If the use is valid, the EBT regional coordinator notifies EBT Program Operations and appropriate regional management staff by memorandum.

If the EBT regional coordinator suspects criminal misconduct, the EBT regional coordinator notifies the RD regarding the fraudulent activity.