Section 8000, Nursing Facility Quality Review

Revision 16-1; Effective February 3, 2016

The Nursing Facility Quality Review (NFQR) is a statewide survey of people residing in Medicaid-certified nursing facilities, assessing their satisfaction with quality of care and quality of life.

NFQR Methodology

The NFQR includes a valid random sample of individuals across the state living in Medicaid-certified nursing facilities that are assessed and interviewed by an independent contractor, using a structured survey tool. The NFQR data is analyzed by DADS using statistical software to test for linear trends across time. This analysis helps DADS track progress in quality improvement activities and formulate strategies to improve both the quality of long-term services and supports and clinical outcomes of individuals.

NFQR Report

A written report on the findings of the survey is prepared and submitted to the legislature, governor and Health and Human Services Commission executive commissioner each biennium.