Section 10000, Resources

Revision 16-1; Effective February 3, 2016


The Quality Monitoring Program website contains evidence-based best practice frameworks compiled from systematic clinical literature reviews. Each framework has links to related resources. At each quality monitoring visit, the quality monitor (QM) will review the website with facility staff and will use the information to provide technical assistance. The Quality Monitoring Program (QMP) encourages facility staff to visit the website and become familiar with the wealth of information located there. The website was developed and is maintained by the QMP section of the Center for Policy and Innovation within the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). It contains information that can help providers implement best practices.

DADS offers information on the Long-term Care (LTC) Provider Search to help individuals and families evaluate the quality of long-term care services. The website can be used to obtain specific information about a particular long-term care provider or to compare providers in a particular area. Long-term Care (LTC) Provider Search provides information that can help identify providers that may meet a family member's needs, but it is not meant to serve as the only basis for choosing a particular provider. After using the Long-term Care (LTC) Provider Search to identify providers that are of possible interest, individuals and families are encouraged to visit those providers to evaluate the appropriateness as a residence for their loved ones.

DADS seeks to assist healthcare facilities in emergency preparedness and emergency response. The Emergency Management Coordination Resource (EMResource) is a web-based solution from Intermedix. The EMResource is a system used statewide for tracking available hospital beds, hospital and emergency medical services resources, and other emergency response data. Users can access the EMResource from multiple sources, such as computers, smartphones, iPads or tablets.

While DADS does not maintain the EMResource, DADS worked with Intermedix, the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Hospital Preparedness Program regional lead agencies to configure EMResource for assisted living facilities, intermediate care facilities for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability or related conditions, in-patient hospice facilities, and nursing facilities. DADS strongly encourages these service providers to participate in the EMResource, as participation will incorporate non-hospital healthcare providers into the Texas Healthcare Coalition and enhance local emergency response efforts. Additional details can be found in the policy letter published on Dec. 16, 2014, IL 14-84, Discontinuation of the Facility Inventory, Vacancy, and Evacuation Status System. Facilities should note that they must establish a user account before they can log into the EMResource.

QMs cannot respond to questions regarding the Minimum Data Set (MDS) website. Any issues with MDS identified by QMs during the review of quality measures will be provided to nursing facility staff and referred to the MDS coordinator for assistance. Contact information for the MDS Clinical Coordinator and the MDS Automation Coordinator is also available on the MDS website.

The Top Ten Complaints, Program Deficiencies and Life Safety Code Violations website  information is updated annually, based on data collected in the most recent year.

The Texas Nursing Home Quality Initiative Coalition website consists of health care providers, government representatives and consumer advocates coming together as Local Area Networks for Excellence to improve the quality of life for the country's 1.5 million nursing home residents. The promotion of these national efforts in Texas is being organized by TMF Health Quality Institute, a leading nonprofit health care consulting company, and other partners in the Texas Nursing Home Quality Initiative Coalition.

Additional Resources

DADS Nursing Facility Provider Resources website:

QMP Contact Information

Telephone: QMP director at 512-438-4399

Email: For the following list of managers and coordinators, email questions to In the subject line or the first sentence of the message, indicate which manager or coordinator should respond.

Statewide Program Managers

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Dietitian and pharmacist program manager

Regional Nurse Managers

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