Section 2000, Contracts


Revision 06-2; Effective December 12, 2006



2100 Medicaid Contract

Revision 06-2; Effective December 12, 2006  


Hospice providers must apply to DADS to participate as a Medicaid hospice provider. Only a provider with a fully executed, current Medicaid contract with DADS may receive state and federal reimbursement for services to Medicaid and dually eligible individuals on hospice. The Medicaid contract is considered an open-ended contract.

The same legal business entity that applied for the Medicare hospice certification applies for Medicaid contracts. DADS Community Services Contracts will enter into a contract with the provider upon completion of the application. Providers must meet the requirements specified in 40 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 49, Contracting for Community Care Services, and 40 TAC, Chapter 30, Medicaid Hospice Program.


2200 Advertising and Solicitation of Individuals

Revision 06-2; Effective December 12, 2006  


DADS may investigate complaints of solicitation of coerced individuals. Validated complaints may lead to adverse actions. Such actions may lead to termination of the provider's contract.