R-2400, Issuance of Form H1027, Medicaid Eligibility Verification

Revision 16-3; Effective September 1, 2016

Occasionally, a recipient who needs medical services may lack current medical care identification.

HHSC may issue a Medicaid verification letter to an eligible Medicaid recipient who lacks a Your Texas Benefits Medicaid ID card if the:

  • recipient is newly certified and has not received the initial card; or
  • current card has been lost or destroyed.

Note: Do not issue Form H1027 to Community Attendant Services, SLMB or QDWI individuals (ME-Community Attendant with no QMB, MC-SLMB and MC-QDWI).

Form H1027 is issued in three versions. Issuance of the appropriate version of Form H1027 is dependent on the benefits the recipient is currently eligible for and receiving. Following is a brief description of each version of Form H1027.

Form H1027-A, Medicaid Eligibility Verification, is issued to recipients who are eligible for and receiving Medicaid benefits only.

Form H1027-B, Medicaid Eligibility Verification – MQMB, is issued to recipients who are eligible for and receiving both Medicaid and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) benefits.

Form H1027-C, Medicaid Eligibility Verification – QMB, is issued to recipients who are eligible for and receiving QMB benefits only. Do not issue Form H1027-C to recipients who are receiving Medicaid benefits.

Reference: For additional information regarding client eligibility for QMB, see Chapter Q, Medicare Savings Programs.

Reminder: To ensure that the appropriate form is issued to an eligible person, only intake screeners and TANF, Medicaid, LTC (ME/CCAD), foster care or adoption assistance eligibility specialists and supervisors are authorized to complete the form.

Form H1027-A, Form H1027-B or Form H1027-C must be issued only to eligible persons who need verification of their current eligibility for benefits and who have no access to a current Your Texas Benefits Medicaid ID card. The forms are issued only for the current month and never for retroactive periods of eligibility.

Verify a recipient's current eligibility by:

  • contacting Data Integrity; or
  • checking inquiry in TIERS.

Note: If unable to verify the recipient's eligibility because of computer problems, follow regional procedures to verify eligibility.

After verifying eligibility, complete the appropriate Form H1027.

After completing the appropriate Form H1027, have the form approved, signed and dated by the unit supervisor. The supervisor may also approve the form by telephone. If obtaining the supervisor's approval by telephone, note "by telephone" on the approval line. If the unit supervisor is not available, the lead eligibility specialist in the locality may approve the form.

Reference: For additional information about issuing Form H1027, refer to the instructions. See Chapter B, Applications and Redeterminations, for emergency manual certification procedures.