N-7300, Premium Due Dates

Revision 11-3; Effective September 1, 2011

Premiums are due on the fifth of each month.

Premiums are not required for application month, disposition month or any month in between.

Example: Application is received in January 2011. Case is disposed in March 2011 with a medical effective date (MED) of Jan. 1, 2011. No premiums are required for January, February or March. First premium is due April 5. Premiums are required for the month following the disposition month regardless of the MED.

If premiums are required, payment of MBIC premiums is a condition of continued eligibility.


N-7310 Grace Period for Premiums

Revision 11-3; Effective September 1, 2011

An applicant/recipient is given a 60-day grace period to make a premium payment before denial occurs. If a recipient has missed making a premium payment for two consecutive months, the Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS) will send Form H0062-MBIC, Late Payment Notice, and Form H0065-MBIC, Hardship Form. If a payment is not received by two days before TIERS cutoff, two months after the first missed payment, and a valid hardship is not claimed by the due date on the Form H0065-MBIC, TIERS will auto terminate the MBIC EDG(s) effective the end of that month.

Example: First missed payment is May 5, 2011. On June 5, 2011, the May payment is missed a second time. On June 7, 2011, Form H0062-MBIC, Late Payment Notice, and Form H0065-MBIC, Hardship Form, are sent to the client/authorized representative. Due date for premium payment is July 6, 2011. Due date for a hardship to be claimed is June 17, 2011 (10 days from the date of Form H0065-MBIC). Payment must be received by two days before cut-off in July 2011 or hardship claimed by June 17, 2011. If no payment is received or hardship claimed, denial is effective July 31, 2011. TIERS will auto terminate the MBIC EDG(s) effective the end of that month.


N-7320 Premiums and Reapplication for MBIC

Revision 11-3; Effective September 1, 2011

If a person is denied MBIC, but later reapplies and is eligible for MBIC, there is no requirement to pay the missed premiums from the last eligibility period before new eligibility can be granted.


N-7330 Coordination with the Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Program

Revision 11-3; Effective September 1, 2011

If an MBIC applicant/recipient is also eligible for the CSHCN Program through the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the state will pay the MBIC premium. There is no coordination or verification required by Medicaid for the Elderly and People with Disabilities (MEPD) specialists. Direct payment of the person's medical insurance premiums by anyone on the person's behalf is not considered as income. See Section E-1710, Medical Care and Services That Are Not Income.

DSHS will make referrals of CSHCN persons that may be potentially eligible for MBIC. Some of these people may already be eligible for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Based on information from DSHS, there is no requirement for a CSHCN eligible person that is also eligible for CHIP to switch to MBIC. It is the person's choice. If the person chooses to remain in CHIP, document in case comments the person's choice and deny the MBIC application as a voluntary withdrawal.