N-6200, Determining the Family Unit

Revision 15-4; Effective December 1, 2015

To determine a family unit, count the:

  • MBIC applicant or recipient, and
  • applicant's or recipient's parents living in the same household (see definition of parent in the Glossary), and
  • applicant's or recipient's siblings (eligible or ineligible) living in the same household (see definition of sibling in the Glossary).

For a stepparent to be included in the family unit and the stepparent’s income to be considered in the budget group, a stepparent must:

  • be the current spouse of a natural or adoptive parent, and
  • live in the same household as the MBIC applicant or recipient and the natural or adoptive parent.

If neither a stepparent nor the stepparent's income is considered because these criteria are not met, do not consider a stepsibling or their income.