G-6000, Institutional Eligibility Budget Types

Revision 18-3; Effective September 1, 2018


  • Monitor eligibility at least every three months if the individual's total countable income is within $10 of the income limit.
  • When income tax is withheld from retirement, pensions and disability benefits, use the gross amount for the eligibility calculation.
  • If the person has VA, see Section E-4311.2, $90 VA Pension and Institutional Setting.

The person or couple is considered to be living in a institutional living arrangement beginning with the first day that:

  • the person (or couple) lives in a Medicare-SNF or Medicaid certified long-term care facility; and
  • the person (or couple) has been confined to one or more Medicaid certified long-term care facilities (for example, Medicare-SNF, NF or ICF/IID) for at least 30 consecutive days.