G-1000, Eligibility Budgets Overview

Revision 21-1; Effective March 1, 2021

An eligibility budget is used to determine a person's financial eligibility for Medicaid. Base the type of eligibility budget on:

  • where the person lives and whether a person is married or not married at the beginning of each month;
  • whether a person is considered a child; and
  • whether a person is considered another person's parent.

The setting where a person lives, in part, determines whether an eligibility budget will be:

  • noninstitutional; or
  • institutional.

Examples of an institutional setting are a nursing facility or a waiver. Even though the person receiving services though a waiver is living in the community, eligibility factors are based on that person living in an institution.

This chapter will focus on the financial income eligibility budget. However, the person must meet all other requirements to be eligible for Medicaid. The financial resource budget is discussed under Chapter F, Resources.