F-5200, Chart

Revision 09-4; Effective December 1, 2009

A list of common resource exclusions follows. However, other exclusions, depending on the situation or on new federal regulations, could exist:

Exclusion Section No. No Limit on Value and /or Length of Time Limit on Value and /or Length of Time
Serving as the principal place of residence, including the land on which the home stands and other buildings on that land
Funds from the sale of a home if reinvested timely in a replacement home F-3400   X
Jointly-owned real property which cannot be sold without undue hardship (due to loss of housing) to the other owner(s) F-1221 X  
Real property that was previously the home for so long as the owner's reasonable efforts to sell it are unsuccessful F-4211
Restricted, allotted Indian land if the Indian/owner cannot dispose of the land without permission of other individuals, his/her tribe or an agency of the federal government F-2240
Automobile serving for transportation for medical F-4221    
Life insurance, depending on its face value F-4223   X
Burial space or plot F-4214 X  
Burial funds for an applicant/recipient and/or his/her spouse F-4227   X
Certain prepaid burial contracts F-4160   X
Household goods and personal effects F-4222   X
Property essential to self-support F-4300   X
Resources of a blind or disabled person which are necessary to fulfill an approved plan for achieving self-support F-4400   X
Retained retroactive SSI or RSDI benefits F-2150   X
Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund payments F-2200 X  
German reparation payments made to World War II Holocaust survivors F-2200 X  
Austrian social insurance payments F-2200 X  
Japanese-American and Aleutian restitution payments F-2200 X  
Federal disaster assistance received on account of a presidentially declared major disaster, including interest accumulated thereon F-2200 X  
Cash (including accrued interest) and in-kind replacement received from any source at any time to replace or repair lost, damaged or stolen excluded resources F-1270   X
Certain items excluded from both income and resources by other federal statutes F-2260 Varies  
Agent Orange settlement payments to qualifying veterans and survivors F-2260 X  
Victims' compensation payments F-2210   X
State or local relocation assistance payments F-2170   X
Tax refunds related to Earned Income Tax Credits F-2130   X