F-3300, The Home as a Countable Resource

Revision 09-4; Effective December 1, 2009

Count the equity value in the reported home property if the home property:

  • does not meet homestead criteria (see Section F-3100, The Home and Resource Exclusions);
  • is in a revocable trust; or
  • meets homestead criteria, but cannot be excluded as a resource based on any of the following exclusion reasons:
    • principal place of residence (see Section F-3111, The Home as the Principal Place of Residence);
    • intent to return home (see Section F-3120, Intent to Return Home); or
    • home is placed for sale (see Section F-3130, Home Placed for Sale)

See also Section F-3500, Out-of-State Home Property.

Note: If the home is in an irrevocable trust, see Section F-6500, Irrevocable Trusts. Follow regional procedures to request assistance from HHSC Legal regarding the terms and conditions of trusts. See Appendix XVI, Documentation and Verification Guide.