E-4100, Social Security Benefits

Revision 18-2; Effective June 1, 2018

The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays Social Security benefits (RSDI) under provisions of the Social Security Act. Black Lung benefits under the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969. are also Social Security benefits.

A person who receives Social Security benefits may be enrolled in Medicare Part B, in which case the Medicare (SMIB) premiums are taken out of the Social Security checks before the checks are received. Determine whether the person is enrolled. If so, add the SMIB premium (see Appendix XXXI, Budget Reference Chart) to the benefit received to determine the total Social Security benefit used to determine eligibility.

Note: An SMIB premium may be different if a beneficiary enrolled late in Medicare or is eligible for a variable SMIB premium. The person may also have Medicare Part D taken out of the Social Security check.

See Appendix XVI, Documentation and Verification Guide.

For applications, verify gross benefits.

For reviews, if the recipient’s statement agrees with the conversion amount and there is no indication that the RSDI benefit has changed, do not reverify.

Verify the amount of Social Security benefit by one or more of the following methods:

  • Obtain an SOLQ/WTPY.
  • View or obtain a copy of the person’s award notice (letter) from the SSA.
  • Obtain information from the SDX computer tape if the recipient has SSI and RSDI and is now in an institutional setting.
  • Contact a representative of the SSA using telephone contact documentation.
  • View or obtain a copy of the person’s most recent benefit check or direct deposit slip. This method is least desirable because it may not show the gross amount.
  • At review, use the conversion amount in the system of record if there is no indication that the RSDI is different from the converted amount.

Note: The Social Security Administration refigures SSA benefits if the individual has earnings from the previous year and other changes. This refiguring usually occurs during October, but may occur at other times. Staff may need to obtain an SOLQ/WTPY at redeterminations to ensure they have current/updated amounts. See Section F-2150, SSI and RSDI Retroactive Lump Sum Payments; Section F-2151, Examples of SSI and RSDI Retroactive Lump Sum Payments; and Section E-1610, SSA Overpayments.