D-2600, Disability Determination Unit Decision

Revision 13-2; Effective June 1, 2013

DDU will enter the disability determination in TIERS case comments and in the Disability Determination – DDU page. This determination will include notification about the decision, including the date of onset of the disability or blindness and if the individual is permanently excused from any further medical review.

  • Do not make a final eligibility decision until DDU has completed the Disability Determination – DDU page in TIERS and documented the decision in case comments.
  • Medicaid cannot begin and the medical effective date cannot precede or be earlier than the first day of the month in which the onset of the disability or blindness occurred.
  • Medicaid begin and end date for ME – A&D Emergency is date-specific. Medicaid does not occur in full month increments for this program.
  • Before certifying a person under age 65 for Medicaid, the eligibility specialist must review case comments and the Disability Determination – DDU page to see if the individual has had a previous disability determination and/or is permanently excused. If documentation does not indicate that the individual is permanently excused, the eligibility specialist may contact DDU. The specialist must document in case comments concerning any previous disability determination decision.