D-2400, Disability Determination Unit Request Required

Revision 11-4; Effective December 1, 2011

When the application is for a person who is younger than age 65 and has never had a disability determination, an override for the application due date default of 45 days is needed. The application due date will be 90 days from the file date. Follow the steps in the system procedure instructions for this override.

Sometimes an application cannot be certified within 90 days because a disability determination is pending past the initial 90 days. In these cases, send Form H1247, Notice of Delay in Certification, to the applicant and the facility administrator, if applicable.

Applications for which delay-in-certification procedures have been followed are excluded from the delinquent count in timeliness reports. These applications are excluded for 180 days (90 days + 90-day extension); however, if the application is still pending on the 181st day, it will be counted as delinquent. Applications that cannot be certified within the normal 90-day limit, plus the 90-day extension, must be denied. A new application will be necessary to reconsider eligibility.