D-2300, Requesting a Decision from the Disability Determination Unit

Revision 14-4; Effective December 1, 2014

When a medical decision for determining blindness or disability is necessary, a decision must be requested from DDU. Complete and submit these forms for imaging, along with the medical records, to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, P.O. Box 149027, Austin, TX 78714-9971:

  • Form H3034, Disability Determination Socio-Economic Report
  • Form H3035, Medical Information Release/Disability Determination

In addition to these forms, submit the following when available:

  • Minimum Data Set information (physician's signature page)
  • Medical treatment records for a waiver applicant
  • Medical records for an applicant for primary home care services through Community Attendant Services (CAS)

DDU may request more complete medical documentation.

On receipt of Form H3034, Form H3035 or other medical records, DDU uses this information to determine whether the person meets SSA's definition of disability or blindness and makes the final decision about disability or blindness.

DDU will consider the date of onset for the retroactive period, if needed. Specify the retroactive months needed on Form H3034. DDU's date of onset, however, cannot precede the RSDI Title II disability onset date indicated on the SSA query.