Appendix II, MCO Contact Information

Revision 19-0; Effective July 7, 2019

Relocation Referrals

The following chart contains the email address for each STAR+PLUS managed care organization (MCO). A local intellectual and developmental disability authority (LIDDA) uses the appropriate email address to send a completed Form 1579, Referral for Relocation Services, as an attachment.

MCO Name Relocation referrals should be sent to:
Amerigroup STAR+PLUS
Cigna-Health Spring
Molina Healthcare of Texas
Superior Health Plan
United Healthcare Community Plan

MCO Service Coordination Contact Information

If the LIDDA has already made a referral for relocation services and needs assistance from the MCO, the LIDDA should contact the MCO service coordinator (SC).

If the LIDDA is unable to locate or contact the MCO SC directly, then the LIDDA should contact the MCO service coordination hotline using the chart below.

MCO Name STAR+PLUS Service Coordination Hotline
Amerigroup STAR+PLUS 1-800-315-5385, Ext. 35765
Amerigroup STAR+PLUS IDD 1-866-696-0710, Ext. 36171
Cigna-Health Spring 1-877-725-2688
Molina Healthcare of Texas 1-866-409-0039
Superior Health Plan 1-877-277-9772
United Healthcare Community Plan 1-800-349-0550