6800, Post-Transition into a Community Medicaid Program

Revision 23-1; Effective Dec. 20, 2023

For a person who has transitioned to a Medicaid community program that is not HCS, an ECC coordinator must:

  • conduct and document on Form 1043, Post-Move Monitoring, at least three onsite post-move monitoring visits of community service delivery sites during the first 90 calendar days after the person’s move at the following times:
    • within the first seven calendar days after transition;
    • between eight and 45 calendar days; and
    • between 46 and 90 calendar days; and
  • during the post-move monitoring visits:
    • assess whether essential supports identified in Form 1053, Transition Plan, are in place;
    • ensure any concerns of the program provider, staff or family member are being addressed;
    • identify gaps in care; and
    • address such gaps, if any, to reduce the risk of crisis, re-admission to an NF or another negative outcome.

The ECC coordinator should conduct additional post-move monitoring visits, if indicated.

The LIDDA may not use targeted case management funding for an SC’s activities described in this section if the person is enrolled in the CLASS or DBMD. The LIDDA may use ECC funds if an ECC coordinator conducts the activities described in this section.