6700, Transitioning to a Community Medicaid Program

Revision 23-1; Effective Dec. 20, 2023

When a slot has been offered to a person who has selected a community Medicaid program that is not HCS, the ECC coordinator:

  • facilitates trial visits to providers in the community for the person and LAR, as requested by the person or LAR;
  • assists with service planning by:
    • making available to the entity responsible for service planning all available assessments; and
    • addressing the person’s:
      • strengths and preferences; and
      • medical, nursing, clinical, nutritional management and support needs; 
    • conducting a pre-move site review using Form 1042, Pre-Move Site Review, to:
      • ensure any concerns of the program provider, staff or family member are being addressed; and
      • determine whether all essential supports identified on Form 1053, Transition Plan, are in place before the person transitions; and
  • completes the following activities before the person transitions if, during the pre-move site review, any one of the essential supports is not in place or if issues are raised about the suitability of the site:
    • convenes the SPT to resolve the issues; and
    • conducts another pre-move site review following resolution.

6710, Transition Day

Revision 23-1; Effective Dec. 20, 2023

The MCO, SC and RS are expected to be present at the new address on transition day to ensure all services are in place and to assist in setting up the household, as needed. The ECC coordinator is encouraged to be present as well.