5700, Monitoring and Follow-up Activities

Revision 22-1; Effective Nov. 28, 2022

The habilitation coordinator must provide monitoring and follow-up activities to determine:

  • whether a person receives the specialized services agreed upon in an IDT or SPT meeting and follow up when delays occur;
  • whether a person’s Form 1057, Habilitation Service Plan (HSP), is fully implemented;
  • a person’s and LAR’s satisfaction with all specialized services; and
  • a person’s progress or lack of progress toward achieving goals and outcomes identified in Form 1057.

Monitoring  is accomplished through a combination of:

  • observation of the person receiving services;
  • conversations with the person, LAR, NF staff or provider; and
  • review of documentation, service delivery logs or written reports from a provider.

When monitoring progress or lack of progress and satisfaction, the habilitation coordinator must be sure to include the perspective of the person and LAR.

The habilitation coordinator must share the results of the habilitation coordinator’s monitoring and follow-up activities with the STP .