9100, Reasons for Suspension of Waiver Program Services

Revision 22-2; Effective May 1, 2022

There are situations that may cause an individual to become temporarily ineligible for HCS or TxHmL program services. If an individual is temporarily admitted to one of the following settings, the individual's HCS or TxHmL program services must be suspended in the HHSC data system:

  • a hospital;
  • an ICF/IID;
  • a nursing facility;
  • an ALF;
  • a residential child care facility licensed by HHSC unless it is an agency foster home;
  • an inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility;  
  • a mental health facility;
  • a residential facility operated by the Texas Workforce Commission; or
  • a residential facility operated by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, a jail or a prison.